Canna Tie Garden Soft TieCanna-Tie Premium Garden Soft Ties

Canna-Tie offers endless uses within the garden or grow room.  Cut to length spool allows for many plant training and supporting options.  Canna-Tie is not only limited to plant applications but many facets of the grow room as well.  

You can trust Canna-tie to hold up expensive equipment, organize cords, support duct work, hang tools, and so much more.  It's durable construction can substitute tedious tools and equipment, providing a fast and easy securing method. 

Canna-Tie separates itself from the competition:

American Made100% American Made
Designed and manufactured in the USA.

UV Stable - Prevents breakdown of the product and increases longevity.

Antimicrobial Inhibits the growth on the tie itself.  Will not hold or transfer disease or fungal spores and resists powdery mildew.

Easy Spool gives you the advantage of cut to length as well as many mountable locations that allows someone to easily access their tie.

Bright Colors - Canna-Tie is now available in Orange and Purple.

Strong & Versatile - "The Duct Tape of the Garden."

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